Face-to-face Individual, Dyadic and Group Clinical Supervision

Individual Clinical Supervision
The supervisory relationship is important and individual supervision allows for more intense 1:1 work on your goals, hone and practice skills and address clinical issues in a safe and supportive learning environment. Some Counselors do all of their supervision hours individually, others use an mix of individual and dyadic or group.​ For individual supervision we meet for 1 hour generally every 1 - 2 weeks depending on your needs.
Group Supervision
Group supervision can provide an 
unique and energizing learning
context. It can give us a chance to
learn from each other through
feedback, brainstorming and allows for exposure to a wider variety of clients and clinical issues. It can also be a way to get support and additional perspectives from peers. Being able to prepare for and practice presenting cases is an added benefit. I offer group supervision to supplement the individual supervision process. Groups are limited to 3 - 8 people and each group meets for 2 hours about 2 times per month. 


Orange Blossom
Dyadic Clinical Supervision
This involves 2 supervisees working together in one supervision session. This allows you to have more individual work than in group but you get experience presenting cases, learning from cases other than your own and getting some peer feedback from a peer. Dyadic supervision works best with well-matched peers who are also involved in individual supervision. It is considered individual supervision for your supervision hours requirement.