Clinical Supervision and Clinical Consultation

I provide Clinical Supervision to LCMHCA professionals who have attained a Master’s Degree or a PhD and are completing their supervision hours required by the NCBLCMHC to become fully licensed as an LCMHC. I also offer Clinical Consultation to fully licensed mental health professionals (LCMHC and LCMHCS).  I also provide supervision to students enrolled in Counselor Education training programs who need supervision in connection with internships and field placements when allowed and agreed upon by their faculty and training guidelines. I use face-to-face video conferencing for individual supervision.
Supervisory sessions often involve the use of "raw data", that is reviewing your work (via video and/or audio recording of your sessions with clients provided by you). We may focus on interventions and techniques to use with clients, case conceptualization, professional behaviors or other areas that you want to explore.  I strive to not only work with you to meet the requirements for full licensure, but to increase your capacity for critical thinking,  self-awareness, being fully present and non-judgmental in the session as well as work on areas that you may find more challenging. We can use techniques such as role playing, and modeling with lots of positive feedback.
At our first meeting, we will develop goals and objectives for your supervision and review your progress periodically. We will compete and submit appropriate documentation, as required, that reflect our supervision sessions. I will also complete and submit required quarterly and final reports to the NCBLCMHC. We will discuss all evaluations as we review your progress in supervision. In both individual and group supervision it is important that we focus on your goals and the areas you deem as most important in your clinical work.
We can supplement individual supervision with group supervision if you desire and when available and appropriate. If you are under supervision as an LCMHCA about 25% of your supervision hours can be in a group setting.

Individual Supervision: 1 hour - $85.00

Group Supervision: 2 hours - $50.00

There is no additional charge for completing and submitting evaluations and reports as required.

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